Vitale Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork - Life Revitalized
Welcome to Vitale!

The origin of our name says it all.

Vital - Having remarkable energy, liveliness or force of personality; being the seat or source of life; necessary to life; necessary to the existence, continuance or well-being of something indispensable, essential (
Our Mission:
To provide the most intuitive, potent healing to our clients.

Whether it’s working long hours at a desk, pushing our bodies in extreme physical activities, or enduring unpleasant treatments for a medical condition, the daily challenges of life take a toll on us. 

During your session, you will experience nurturing, personalized bodywork that helps undo all the stress in your life. We will address proper posture, examine your body mechanics during your most demanding activities, discuss relaxation techniques and exercise program to promote range of motion, strength, and injury prevention.

Scheduling regular sessions with Vitale Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork will help you:
  • Restore Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Balance
  • Be Inspired by Healthy Ways
  • Embrace Rejuvenation
  • Maximize Your Potential for a Stronger Self
  • Honor Yourself
  • Revitalize Your Life